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Blinds have taken on a new lease of life in many homes today.   Once viewed as strictly utilitarian, they are gaining popularity and provide an attractive complement to the clean lines of today’s modern interior.



Roller Blinds


For a totally uncluttered look and where a lot of light would otherwise be lost from a small window, you could go for a roller blind.   These have the advantage that they take relatively little space within a small window aperture and cut out the minimum of light when open.    

We can make roller blinds in almost any fabric although best results are achieved with a fairly close-weave cotton or linen.   The fabric will need to be stiffened, which can lead to slight shrinkage and/or colour change. 


Roller blind behind eyelet-topped curtains imageAlternatively, as in this window, you could choose from the enormous selection available of ready-made plain roller blinds and, if desired, dress the window with a lambrequin, curtain or pelmet in your chosen fabric.



Roman Blinds


Roman blinds are becoming increasingly popular in their various forms.   Essentially forming a flat panel of fabric when lowered, they fold up into neat pleats when raised.   The clean elegant lines suit both modern and period interiors and can be combined with curtains, to provide a multi-layered treatment for a pretty window.  

While it is sometimes possible to find a ready made blind to fit a particular window, having Roman blinds made to measure really does pay off.   You will rarely find a ready made Roman blind that will fit exactly, especially if the window is not of a standard size, and the choice of fabric and style is limited.   Made to measure Roman blinds allow you to design exactly the blind you would like for your window.  



Roman blind outside window recess imageRoman blinds can be fitted either inside or outside the window aperture.

For a small window, such as this one, a blind inside the recess would block out too much light.

There was plenty of room above the recess and this blind falls in large pleats from just below the ceiling.


Roman blinds can be unlined, lined or interlined, depending on the role they are expected to play.   They tend to look better if they are longer than they are wide and a solution to a wide window might be two or even three blinds side-by-side.




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