Tab top curtains

Tab top curtains are relatively simple and informal but can look absolutely charming.

Flat tabs extend above the heading and wrap over the pole to provide a flat panel of fabric.   Tab top curtains only need a fabric width of between the actual length of the pole and 1 1/2 times the length, as the curtains often have no fullness and lie almost flat when closed.  


Where to use tab top curtains

Tab top curtains are suitable for any informal setting.   They are usually used for café-style curtains which stay permanently closed over the lower half of a window.    Unlined and made from fine and relatively translucent fabric, tab top curtains can provide an attractive alternative to voile or net curtains where a degree of privacy is required.   Being unlined, they are especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms where frequent washing is necessary.


Tab top headings can be used for full length, lined curtains if desired but they do not move easily on the pole and can be damaged by repeated pulling.   If they are to be opened and closed regularly, plastic sliders can be inserted into the tabs to help them glide along the pole.   The curtains will only stack back to the width of all the tabs, however, so that if they are to be opened regularly, tie-backs may be necessary even for short curtains.



  The tabs themselves can be constructed from the face fabric or can be made in a contrasting fabric.   The ends can be rounded, square or pointed and drama can be added to the heading with buttons or button tufts on the tabs.



Tabs can be used in conjunction with box pleats or inverted pleats if more fullness is required and the spaces between the tabs can be curved, angular or straight.

Lining tab top curtains will improve light exclusion and protect the face fabric and interlining will provide increased insulation, but this will also increase the weight, which may make opening and closing the curtain more problematic..

We are happy to discuss any ideas you might have on the design side as well as the suitability of any fabrics for tab top curtains.