Interlined Roman Blinds

You can add interlining to Roman blinds to improve insulation or light-exclusion. This will add to the thickness of the blind and the folds will therefore be slightly softer but it will help reduce the draughts from an ill-fitting window.


We tend to use dommett interlining for Roman blinds as it adds that extra softness without too much bulk. If you want to go all the way and have a thick bump interlining, it will produce an extremely efficient draught excluder but may be quite bulky when folded up and you will lose the crispness of the lines.

made to measure interlined roman blind


Interlining with blackout will provide excellent light-exclusion and the rod casings can then be made out of the lining, which will help the blind lie flatter when lowered.


Roman blinds, combined with dress curtains and pelments or lambrequins, provide excellent light and draught exclusion and make a very pretty multi-layered window treatment.