Pinch pleat made to measure curtains

Pinch pleats make a wonderfully elegant, tailored heading for curtains in a formal setting.   Also called French pleats, the pleats use buckram stiffening to help the fabric form crisp even folds.   There are pinch pleat tapes available but they cannot produce such an elegant result.  


One advantage of forming pleats by hand is that they can be positioned to show off the pattern of the fabric to best effect.   For example, in a striped fabric the pleats can be positioned so that one colour predominates when the curtains are open, the other colours becoming visible only when the curtain is drawn. 

Pinch pleat heading on made to measure door curtain in Windrush



Pinch pleats need a width of 2 to 2.5 times the length of the pole if they are not to look skimped, and they look most luscious when interlined.   They look their best hung from a pole and will stack back more neatly than tape headings.







plain interlined pinch pleats








Pinch pleats can be left plain





or you can give rein to your flights of fancy; 


buttons, beads, rosettes, tufts, cord – elegant and grand or simply fun…
buttoned pinch pleat heading












When first hanging curtains with pleated headings it is necessary to set the pleats.   The curtains are stacked back by hand, pulling the pleat to the front and the space between the pleats to the rear.   Once the curtains are stacked back evenly with the pleats hanging straight, the curtains are tied loosely to keep them in that position and left for a couple of days for the pleats to set in.   This ensures that the pleats will continue to stack back perfectly whenever they are drawn.