Unlined Roman Blinds

When to use unlined Roman blinds?

When made of thin cotton or linen fabric, unlined Roman blinds will reduce the glare from the sun in south-facing rooms and help reduce sun-damage to carpets and furnishings.  

If you are lucky enough to have a south-facing window which lets in too much light and heat in the summer, an unlined fairly loose-weave linen Roman blind can cut the glare but still allow some light in.

unlined roman blind image           You might consider unlined Roman blinds in a kitchen, where frequent washing is required or at any window where privacy or insulation is not a problem and the blind needs only be closed in winter to shut out the night or in the summer to cut the glare of sunlight.

Stripes and checks can be particularly effective in an unlined Roman blind.

The casings for the rods are clearly visible when this blind is lowered, as they are sewn into the face fabric, but this is part of the charm of a simple unlined Roman blind


An unlined Roman blind will need slightly more fabric to allow for the rod-casings.  



           unlined Roman blind closed image

If light exclusion in the day or privacy at night (think 'silhuettes on the shade') are considerations, you may decide it would be better to line the blind.