Why choose bespoke curtains or blinds?

Our homes are a reflection of our personalities as well as the place where we should be able to relax in surroundings that make us feel comfortable.   Curtains and soft furnishings are an important part of what makes us feel proud of our homes and to welcome friends. Made to measure curtains and blinds help us to acvhieve this.

There are countless websites where you can buy ready-made curtains and blinds at very low prices and, if the fabric is just what you want and the size is perfect, then this is definitely something to consider if money is tight.   Unfortunately, however, this means that you will often have to compromise in one way or another.  

Unlike bespoke curtains, ready-made curtains tend to be supplied in standard lengths, which is absolutely fine if the length is right!   Unfortunately, it is often not and you may have to choose curtains longer than you need and shorten them. Or you may have to settle for curtains shorter than you would like, spoiling the look of the window. A bespoke curtain solves this simply.

Ready-made curtains also tend to be made with tape headings as they can be adjusted to fit. It is impossible to buy ready-made curtains with pinch-pleat headings.  Too often, it is impossible to find a ready-made blind or curtain that you will be proud of which is why we at Annies Curtains and Blinds specialise in making top quality made to measure curtains and blinds to your specific requirements.